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Hawaii is in a state of absolute disaster

4.000 τουρίστες έχουν παγιδευτεί

An idyllic and historic Hawaiian town found itself in a state of total destruction as a fire broke out and consumed everything in its path at the tourist resort. Moments of unbearable destruction were captured on camera as a massive fire wreaked untold destruction on the town of Laheina on the island of Maui. Complete destruction characterized the scene, with locals and tourists throwing themselves at ocean to save themselves from the flames, while houses and shops were reduced to ashes. The telephone network is down and thirty-six people are reported dead so far, including locals and tourists.

The fire has raged with alarming intensity as firefighters struggle to tackle three major fire fronts. Authorities have been forced to cordon off the western part of the island to the public, except for emergency service workers and remote populations.

4.000 τουρίστες έχουν παγιδευτεί στη Χαβάη
4,000 tourists are trapped in Hawaii

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has ordered the mobilization of all available federal resources to the Hawaii region. In particular, the Third Fleet and US Coast Guard marines are actively participating in efforts to extinguish the fires and rescue residents.

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Meanwhile, around 4,000 tourists are stranded on Maui as they desperately try to get out before the fires spread further. Three fires are also renovating her Big Island Hawaiian.

State authorities have opened five evacuation shelters as efforts continue for the stranded group of 4,000 tourists still trying to get out of West Maui.

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