5 Tips To Match Your Boots With a Dress

The combination of a dress with boots is stylish, versatile, and super easy with some basic know-how! This classic combination delivers a put-together look with minimal effort. Incorporating a variety of boots and dresses into your wardrobe will have you dressed to impress for most occasions. It’s also a great approach if you’re building a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at five simple tips for matching boots and dresses successfully.

1. Dress According to the Season

One of the best parts of the dress and boots combo is that you can rock it in virtually any weather! Of course, you want your look to be both fashionable and functional. Here’s a quick guide on seasonal styling to get you started:

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Winter:Pair layered, long-sleeve, and sweater dresses with black tights and black ankle boots.

Spring:Wrap, floral, and tea dresses work great with light-colored ankle boots (especially brown).

Summer:Mini floral, patterned, and midi linen dresses are complemented by tan or brown ankle boots.

Fall:Knee boots alongside warm-toned dresses are a fine choice for cool weather, or wear skater dresses with tights and black or brown ankle boots on warmer days.

Before you put your outfit together, check the weather. Your comfort is top priority, and shivering or sweating is an easy way to ruin the aesthetic!

2. You Can’t Go Wrong With Neutrals

When in doubt, neutral-toned boots will almost always work. Brown and black are the most versatile options, but gray, white, and tan are usually acceptable too. Try to avoid sharp contrasts, like black and white, unless you’re dressing with intention. Silver or gold boots can be surprisingly versatile, as well, if you’re going for a flashier vibe.

3. Wear Cohesive Styles

Of course, women’s fashion doesn’t have to have rigid guidelines, so don’t be afraid to rock those neon boots with a patterned dress when the mood strikes! Statement pieces are often more effective when they clash with purpose.

Try matching “themed” pieces together. For example, a pair of brown equestrian boots would look great with a flowy floral dress for a light, breezy aesthetic, while your black combat boots would be better paired with something edgier like a faux black leather mini dress.

Additionally, think about the occasion for which you’re dressing. Thigh-high boots could provide a bold look for formal occasions, but they would feel out of place if you’re just grabbing coffee with a friend. On the other hand, some chunky ankle boots probably wouldn’t be ideal for a wedding, but they would work great for a casual day on the town.

4. Add Some Flair With Tights

Tights can do more than just keep you warm on a chilly day! They can really tie the whole look together if you style them right. In most cases, you can’t go wrong with black tights, but other neutral tones can add some drama without going too over the top. When in doubt, match your black tights to your black boots for a seamless aesthetic.

If your dress is darker than your shoes, skin-toned tights work great. If you’re wearing brightly colored boots, avoid dark-toned tights, as they give the illusion of shortening your legs. In general, it’s best to avoid white tights, unless you’re intentionally putting together a bold outfit reminiscent of Victorian fashion.

Bright colors can be a fashion-forward look if you’re trying to make a statement, but they typically pair best with black boots, and a dress of the same color will make the whole outfit look more put-together.

5. Check the Look in a Full-Length Mirror

Women’s footwear can add a dramatic look to an otherwise ordinary outfit, so don’t feel obligated to follow any of these rules! The most important thing is that you feel confident. A full-length mirror is so handy, as it allows you to see how the outfit works as a whole. If you’re still not sure if you’re feeling a look, snap a selfie and ask a friend for their opinion.

Another great way to determine if an outfit works is to simply search for similar looks online. For example, a quick image search for “black ankle boots and dress” will reveal a huge variety of photos you can use for inspiration as you select a dress.

Try Not to Overthink It

Simply trusting your instincts is often the best way to put together an amazing outfit. In other words, if you feel like you look good,you probably do! Dressing with intention and rocking your look with confidence goes a long way. You might even inspire other ladies to follow your lead! Fashion is fun, and the dress and boots combo is usually playful and laid-back, so try not to drive yourself crazy putting together an outfit. As long as you feel good, you’re doing it right.

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