Bruce Willis Revisited Die Hard’s Infamous Nakatomi Plaza 34 Years Later, And There’s Video

Bruce Willis played a plethora of memorable movie characters during his decades-long career, but the one that arguably the most recognizable is Die Hard’s Jack McClane. Many surely remember the first time they saw the police detective come to blows with terrorists in the 1988 blockbuster. Just as iconic as the character himself, though, is the film’s infamous, fictional setting: Nakatomi Plaza. The Los Angeles skyscraper is still a popular place 34 years later, and Willis himself recently paid a visit. There’s even footage from the sweet trip, which is sure to give fans all the feels.

The sweet moment was captured by Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming Willis, who shared a clip to her Instagram account. The post features a black-and-white clip of Bruce standing at the top of the building, which in actuality is Fox Plaza, and looking over his surroundings. The post also features snippets of footage from Die Hard itself. Check out the post down below:

Did anyone else get a warm and fuzzy feeling while looking at this post? It’s simply lovely to see the 67-year-old actor visit the cinematic landmark. For him, it probably seems like just yesterday that he was making his way across the premises barefoot, tattered and holding a machine gun. Calling this a surreal moment would be an understatement, and I’d imagine that the star relishes it.

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At this point, the movie that kicked off the action franchise is incredibly ingrained in the pop culture zeitgeist. Even today, movie aficionados quote it heavily and still show it love on social media now and then. That enduring popularity is likely why Bruce Willis found a way to bring Die Hard back in 2020. He reunited with former co-stars De'voreaux White (Argyle) and Clarence Gilyard Jr. (Theo) for an ad that was simply perfect.

Of course, nostalgic TV promotions aren’t the only things that have kept fans chatting about the John McTiernan-directed movie. To this day, many still debate whether it’s actually a Christmas movie. It’s an argument that’s really capturing the cinema-loving world, with even House Democrats opening the doors for further debate a few years back with a yuletide vote. OG star Reginald VelJohnson has weighed in on the matter, and he does indeed believe that it’s a legitimate holiday film. (And if I’m being honest, I completely agree with him).

While this recent post is likely to stir up good feelings (and maybe even more debate) amongst audiences, it’s hard not to think about the time at which this moment arrives in Bruce Willis’ life. Earlier this year, Willis formally retired from acting due to being diagnosed with aphasia, a cognitive disease that affects one’s ability to comprehend or articulate language. Emma Heming Willis admitted that it’s been a struggle to care for her husband during this time. However, she and Bruce seem to have a firm support system and seem to be making the most of sweet moments like this trip to Nakatomi Plaza.

Those who’d like to revisit Die Hard can do so by grabbing a Hulu subscription.

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