He knew about the invasion of Ukraine since 2011, says Clinton

The denial of the deal struck between Putin and Yeltsin

Clinton’s statement raises many questions and requires serious analysis and evaluation of the information offered. The statement may represent another step toward finding the truth about Russia’s 2014 attack on Ukraine and whether Western countries have sufficient information about Russia’s motives and next steps. Critical analysis of Clinton’s statement offers an opportunity for in-depth dialogue and cooperation between countries to resolve international crises and prevent further focus of conflict.

The former US president heard in a conversation that the Russian leader was not bound by the Budapest Memorandum

“I was told by Putin that he did not agree with the deal I made with Yeltsin and that he had not passed the deal through the House,” Clinton said Thursday. “I don’t agree, I don’t support it and I’m not bound by it,” Putin had said.

Clinton went on to say that “I knew all along that the invasion was a matter of time” – and indeed it did three years later with Russia’s seizure of the Donbass and Crimea. Putin argued that the Maidan uprising turned Ukraine into another country, invalidating the Memorandum.

The denial of the deal struck between Putin and Yeltsin, and Clinton’s warning about Putin’s intentions, reveal the strong concern in the West about the dark aspects of the Putin regime. Clinton’s prediction of the invasion of Ukraine is being proven in a flash after the 2014 invasion, and warns of the need for effective diplomacy and strategy to resolve international conflicts. Overall, Clinton’s statement highlights the need for meditation and cooperation between Western countries and Russia to take steps to ensure peace and stability in world politics.

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