Release radioactive water into the ocean

Approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency

The damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan is to release radioactive water into the ocean, according to an announcement by Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. This prompted restrictions on Japanese food imports from Hong Kong and condemnation from China.

This plan, approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is supported by Tokyo as safe for the environment and health. However, this operation is raising concerns and criticisms, especially from China. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin emphasizes that the ocean belongs to all humanity and is not just a place for Japan to dump polluted water.


Restrictions on food imports from Japan affected both Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong Chief Minister John Lee has announced restrictions on food imports from Japan. China’s fears about environmental and health impacts are obvious, but tensions between China and Japan may also be contributing to the strong tone of its responses.

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Japan claims the operation poses no threat to the environment and health, with the International Atomic Energy Agency backing the plan. Experts have said that only high doses of tritium are harmful, but the business still raises concerns. The Japanese fishing industry fears for the reputation of its products and the backlash abroad is fierce, with Greenpeace denouncing the plan.

The situation is also heightening tensions between China and Tokyo. Japan intends to try to eliminate the Chinese trade restrictions through scientific evidence, while taking support measures for the Japanese fishing industry.

Overall, the decision to discharge radioactive water from the nuclear power plant in Fukushima has caused various reactions and concerns, heightening tensions in the region.

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