Tragic situation in Morocco after the deadly earthquake

The rescuers fight against time to locate survivors

In Morocco, the situation has turned tragic after a deadly earthquake, as the death toll has reached 2,681. Rescuers are desperately trying to find survivors in villages devastated by the earthquake. Images of flattened villages are shocking as rescuers search for people under the rubble, with the death toll rising.

Rescue teams from Spain, Britain and Qatar are working with local agencies to locate and free people trapped under the rubble. The 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit the High Atlas mountain range, about 72 kilometers southwest of Marrakech.

Many survivors have been forced to spend nights in the countryside as their homes were destroyed or left unsettled. The number of dead has reached 2,681, while the injured amount to 2,501.

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Footage from the isolated village of Imi N’Tala, taken by a Spanish rescuer from the United Firefighters Without Borders group, shows men and dogs trying to pull survivors from the wreckage. Words seem insufficient to describe the scale of the disaster, as the Spanish rescuer states.

In villages like Imgdal, women and children lie under makeshift tents along the roads, near their destroyed homes. In other areas, cars are crushed by rocks that fell from the cliffs.

The earthquake caused irreparable damage to Morocco’s cultural heritage, including buildings in the Old City of Marrakech, which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tinmel Mosque of 12 was also badly damaged the century, located near the epicenter of the earthquake.

This earthquake is the deadliest in Morocco since 1960, when at least 12,000 people were killed, and the strongest since 1900.

While survivors desperately seek shelter and supplies, the government’s response seems slow. But efforts are now accelerating, with the military stepping up rescue teams and providing aid to affected areas.

Many countries, including Spain, Britain, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, have offered aid. The European Union is committed to providing financial support through non-governmental organizations.

Morocco’s relations with some countries, such as France and Germany, are difficult, and this has affected their response to the disaster. Despite initial resistance, the international community has taken action to assist Morocco at this critical time.

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