Visa POLL: Has Australia got Covid travel rules right? VOTE

Mr Djokovic is under investigation over the accuracy of the information he put down for an exemption visa, which he claims, allowed him to enter the country without needing to prove his vaccination status after previously having stated he is “opposed to vaccination”. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: "Any individual seeking to enter Australia must comply with our border requirements.

"He has to because if he's not vaccinated, he must provide acceptable proof that he cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and to be able to access the same travel arrangements, as fully vaccinated travellers. So we await his presentation and what evidence he provides to support that. If that evidence is insufficient, then he won't be treated any different to anyone else and he'll be on the next plane home. There should be no special rules for Novak Djokovic at all, none whatsoever."

Australia is well-known for having one of the strictest Government approaches to Covid, having experienced the longest consecutive lockdown period in the world, and closed borders for 19 months.

The strict approach seems to have prevented thousands of deaths as only 2,416 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported in the country since the pandemic began, compared to approximately 150,000 in the UK.

Australia has administered at least 44,374,463 doses of Covid vaccines so far, which equates to about 87.5 percent of the country’s population.

A negative PCR test result is required for travelling to Australia, you are also required to complete an Australia Travel Declaration (ATD) at least 72 hours before departure.

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The ATD includes a declaration regarding your vaccination status, and you will be asked to upload your vaccination certificate.

Travellers may also need to undergo a quarantine period or testing on arrival, but rules vary from state to state.

Do you think Australia has got it right? Tell us more about your opinion in the comments section below.

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