Wind turbines face serious challenges

Wind turbine sales down 80%

In Germany, sales of these systems have decreased by 80% due to the strong reaction of citizens and local communities, who see the degradation of the natural environment.
In Norway, the government is suspending activities related to the “national wind energy outlook” as it faces mass backlash and expert opinion that the future value of wind power is uncertain after 2021 due to the removal of subsidies.

Across Europe, thousands of municipalities and communities are turning away from wind turbines. There is even a website that presents a map of areas where their residents oppose industrial-style wind farms. In the United States, after 25 years of operation, the treatment of wind turbines is causing debate, as their removal is financially burdensome and difficult.

Wind turbines and birds
Wind turbines and birds

In Greece, however, the situation is different. The decision to invest in wind turbines seems to have the opposite effect. The installation of around 20,000 wind turbines in iconic parts of the country, from mountainous mountains to picturesque islands, is changing the landscape in amazing ways. This number is expected to create a new reality, where wind farms occupy space in unique areas of our country.

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However, this choice is not without controversy. Local communities face confusion and a lack of information about the effects of wind farms on their environment. Companies tout the benefits, but the real picture remains unclear. Their concerns concern environmental changes and the scale of interventions in their areas.

While alternative energy is an important tool to combat climate change, the impacts of energy conversions in sensitive areas must be carefully assessed. Scientists emphasize that natural ecosystems play a key role in climate regulation and are the natural shield against the effects of climate change.

It is important to face the challenges of this transition to renewable energy wisely. We must carefully consider the impact on the environment and inform and involve local communities, ensuring that our decisions respect both the need for sustainability and our environment.

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