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Read this before using the form and sent your content.

Τhe instantaneous service is usually used by individuals who want to upload a post to gain visitors to their website. For your content no registration required at Artmotion Magazine.

If you want a professional account please follow this.

  • There is a charge of $15/post. Sending of the post will be charged on next step via Paypal.

For the best performance of the post in the search engines follow the instructions:

  • The default language for posts is English. However, if it is written in another language, you can upload it as is. there will be a delay (~2 days) in viewing it until the auto translation is complete.
  • The content of the post should be original yours. It must not have been published to the web again.
  • On Post Content must be max. 2000 characters and you can add max 3 links using http:// or https://
  • Post Title must be max. 50 characters.
  • The name/title of the image should be the same as the title of the post.
  • After the article has been shipped and payment has been completed it will appear in the magazine in 48 hours at max.
  • Author of the post will be the default account of Magazine, that is the “artmotion” account.
  • In order to raise the SEO score of the content in the search engines, there is a possibility of making small changes. ex: we put a internal link on Magazine at the end of your content.

You must know that: Your post will appear on Artmotion Search result page.



    There is a $15.00 charge to add a new post.
  • Post Title must be max. 50 characters
  • Your content here. We allow to put your links with http:// or https:// in the article. Max links: 3
  • Select one category for your post.
  • A comma separated list of your most important key-words for the post. max. 7 words.
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